Seffedine Rezgui perpetrator, Tunisia attacks in late june this year

Seffedine Rezgui
perpetrator, Tunisia attacks in late june this year

The past three months have probably been the worst in regards to terrorism. a whopping 65 people lost their lives in the hands of the Islamic state with more attacks expected to be carried out following statements by the radicals implying that no country is safe, throughout the course of this whole year.

The gruesome attacks in the resort city of Sousse in Tunisia that left 39 people dead has however received much public fury not only because of the brutality the unsuspecting tourists incurred but also because it was initiated by a 23 year old aviation student, ,much like the Garissa attacks perpetrator Abdirahim Abdullahi who is a lawyer by profession. This gives a whole new meaning to terrorism and its recruitment exercises. One would be quick to judge the radicals as ignorant and uncouth thus turning a blind eye to the elite in society but extremists like ISIS and Al Shabaab are way ahead targeting intellectuals from our esteemed universities and recruiting masses on social media. In a video message posted by ISIS to incite propaganda, a recruit pointed out that professionals in any field are liable to join the extremist group thus stipulating that almost everybody in the society is in a position to contribute something leaving disaffected individuals vulnerable to submission.

The 23 year old Seffedine Rezgui who massacred 39 lounging tourists was described by his grief-stricken uncle as a happy child in his early years who loved to play football and breakdancing. The seventy year old Mohammed Rezgui was left astonished when he heard the news of his nephew’s brutality, being that the two had spent the previous night chatting about the young boy’s life and studies.

Over the past years nations have been working on an international coalition against terrorism with strategies such as weakening the groups by cutting off all their financial ties coming into play. This would however be effective if citizens across the globe remain vigilant and by all means prevent the next generation from joining such groups.


And you are late because…



I couldn’t find my other shoe! I was trying to scuffle through a runty apartment, one heel on in search of the other while holding on to the tight grip i had on the hair curling tongs on my head. I was literally a mess! Last night was one of those YOLO ones so i inevitably overslept the next morning. I had my head burrowed under the custom 16 inch oak bed, how i treasure slumber even on an intern’s budget, with a torch firmly held to my right in search of the other left side to the only pair of shoes i could wear. There’s no getting out of this one, i thought. Not on record for ever being absent on Friday afternoons.

I have a defiant middle-aged woman for a boss, did i mention she’s balded, so how she always goes on about punctuality at the workplace is driving me nuts at this moment. Not that she’s one of those annoying guard bosses, although she might be at times but what i love most about Miss Kibali is that she is one to say the right thing, especially when you need to hear it the most: and i was hearing it alright. in times of lack of a sense of direction and uttermost confusion, a look into one’s time management could be of help, she says. Time is an important asset in the attainment of our goals but unfortunately we never realize its essence thus fail to effectively plan or lay out a good schedule and it turn plan to fail by inevitably failing to prioritize whats important.

when you don’t plan, she once told us, you leave yourself vulnerable to derailleurs. such could be anything, watching T.V or scrolling down your social media accounts in an attempt to postpone important tasks. Procrastination is a sure way to call it. to beat it you need not sleep off your whole mornings or afternoons but rather challenge yourself by getting up early in the morning and completing your tasks so in the end you have enough time for leisure. Its all about being ahead of the game. You  start your day early, you finish it in time and soon everybody’s going be trying to catch up with you like I was that morning with time! In a fit of anger, I was convinced that nothing good would come out of this day seeing that i hadn’t done anything right. Except maybe my make up which would be dealt with at the office washrooms after I’d fought a losing battle with traffic, Good Lord!

I’d now settled for a terrible day at work. Started out as one of the worst so we might as well call it one. My nerves are exploding at this point and I’m trying to figure out whether its the lost shoe that’s giving me a headache or the hangover i garnered from last night. I searched my tolerance off in that apartment with some journalist in my ear talking about some breaking news over my telly’s worn out sound system. The situation couldn’t have become more worse as the conversation I’m about to have with my boss nagged the wits out of me. If only I had the place organized. The demon that is unpreparedness Miss Kibali says, greatly influences our output not only at work but in everything we do because once you are not prepared for whatever, you lack the motivation and confidence to tackle it. I guess the problem lies beneath underestimating the workload or overestimating the time left to prepare. We’ve all done it before, I for one thought i could make it in time for work after a wild night out with my friends and look what happened. I left for work in rugged Maasai sandals, you know the ones we use for trips to mama mboga’s, yes those ones. I was inconsolable the whole day!


Heavenly Father this is my note to you. its a collection of my sentiments, my spiritual thoughts, if any as well as my cries. i come before you in the humblest of ways, trying to suppress my frustrations as i type away and bask in your ubiquitous aura  like i used to in times like these. Times you assure us will get better only if we stay calm, trust and obey. I remember vividly from my Sunday school classes how you persuaded us to always keep a smiling face even in the advent of distraught. Make lemonades, today  they say! But father what if i cant have any more lemon juice. what if the annoying tingle of that bitter taste i try so much to ignore every time i have a glassful of lemonade is undoubtedly unbearable. I’m trying to appreciate what i have, that is the tiny bit of a sweet taste and keep trusting and obeying but there’s a side of me that persuades me to go for more, regardless of the means, after all you do help those who help themselves.

Either way, i might be completely undeserving of whatever goodness comes out of life but lest i be condemned for not trying. My attempts to living a life that goes in accordance with “whats right” are as tedious as they are futile. I believed the universe was always on my side, that and the assurance that you always got me probably led me into laxity. i relaxed Father, i relaxed because i thought it would be fine, i knew that as much as i feel some kind of void in my life that eventually you would fill it up with joy, love and all that i so crave for. I hate to complain, I’ve been taught that its wrong to question You, its disrespectful to a Being so worthy of honor that i would even dare address You in this manner but Lord i just wanted to be heard. the questions in my head have drained the life out of me by constantly nagging me into depression. Lord I’m dead beat, i cant go on living without a purpose. The blame lies entirely on my inability to prioritize the most important aspects of my life such as You therefore, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone but me.

i believe you created a confident, self-sufficient aggressively motivated woman, but just like you warned her, the evil in the world was quick to mislead and she misjudged. Now here I am. This is me giving up. i have decided to do it my way, as tormenting as it may be, its the only way i can right my wrongs and do good to those that did the same for me even when i was completely ungrateful and blinded by vanity. i am finally finding the confidence to lay down my weapons and accept defeat. I have decide to jump in front of every gun that points to the ones i love and with that i think its safe to say that I’m now one of them Lord. I’m one of the lost ones, the ones that needn’t be found.


Africa’s capability to overcome and rise from misfortunes is undoubtedly remarakable! Resiliency is demonstrated within individuals who relatively and effectively navigate their way around stress and toughness while finding effective ways of coping. This means that they are able to balance negative emotions with positive ones, much like the way we Africans have been able to harness positivity even in the worst of circumstances. In the advent of chaos and sheer turmoil in a state, the worst of consequences take the order of the day especially when the governing plays part. A government is one to go to extra lenghths as far as the people’s well being is concerned but that has for long ceased to be the case in some of the nations in our continent therefore when civil wars and crisis erupt, hope becomes amiss while refugee influxes surpass tolerance in the concerned neighbouring countries. Either way, that doesnt stop us from making a substantial number of achievements and neither does it deter us from forging towards socio-economic propsperity.

Now im no avid reader of the African Times (if any) oand neither do i frequent international news channels as much as the experts do, but, media coverage in Africa by the global news channels are definetly more inclined to conflict, if not poverty or bad governance. The pictures we are exposed to pose alot of controversies as blame game ensues much to the media’s satisfaction. As this takes charge, what remains underestimated is the people’s commendable resilience even in the advent of such atrocities against them. I for one, im more than impressed and pride myself in the coherence and utter endurance of the African people regardless the boundaries. What we have been through in the account of selfish and influential yet ignorant leaders is a true test of clemency! not many would live through a civil war, droughts and disease outbreaks where scarcity defines health services all wrapped around incompitent leaders but we do. Not that we want to, we are literally forced to. Reading through past African conflicts reflects years of quite a number of human rights violations and misconduct on the part of those accountable but then again outbursts take the order of the day in vain.

International human rights bodies have also attested to this resilience and even though in due time, lent a helping hand to a people who by then expect failure when it comes to efforts to end the prolonged crisis. Lest i forget to commend the parties that have reached out and helped, your services are immensely welcome. Gratitude is the only way we can show appreciation for the way you have recognized nations in dire need. Nations such as the Republic of Sierra Leone that have undergone brutal animosities but still managed to get up on their feet and elect a more fulfilling government than the previous one and in turn make the top of the list for the world’s most resilient people. The circumstances under which many Sierra Leoneans had to live by for more than a decade are excruciating and this goes for other citizens across the globe.

Its not certain that we shall rise from war crimes and incompitent leaders, but, what surely remains a fact is our ability to withstand them. This vividly highlights our will to turn over a new leaf and give the international media more positive coverage. Not that there isn’t, but there will come a time when a single picture of a ten-year-old carrying an AK47 will be as scarce as the media’s empathy. we are in an epoch where the once much talked about ‘dark continent’s potential’ is turning into a reality and humongous opportunities have ceased to be vanity. African pride is not only about the number of investors trickling in or the international accolades we are handed to every year but rather the qualities that make us simply, us and that is a fact I am pleased to forever bask in glory of.

a time for themselves, shielded from a snare a glimpse of heaven, in his arms and in her stare a moment so discreet, for none but them to share as their whispers so fragile, disperse in cold thin air. but where are the lovers when daylight attains its peak desolate, they  choose not to speak a wink there and a glance here is all we see these poor lovers, affection is just but all they seek. but lovers would never admit to any misery in the hands of their  other for the hearts timid of the one that won’t bother. thus lovers seek a delusional cover, shut their eyes to their longing for each other, and in secret suffer, as the distance widens further. its apalling this manner in which lovers behave, meeting in secret and putting cupid to shame a wild yearning lovers seek to tame amidst a nagging truth that when love dares to cripple you lame, its definitely cupid, playing a fierce game. hear he hear he lovers! cease your timid antics one bleary and weary is what mind boggles create. emotions are feisty they want to dictate, resistance to adhere is clearly a seal of one’s fate! to wither alone and eventually dilate.  place egos aside and try to concentrate on what you’ll wear or say during that date. laugh hysterically with your significant mate and show the world you’ve got the keys to that gate that is a lifeless soul which only you can reincarnate.